Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Auld Lang Syne

Donald Miller wrote something really beautiful about resolutions today. Nutshell? Basically, don't tell people your resolutions. It makes you far less likely to keep them as you're receiving the gratification for the thought, but not the action. Personally, I don't like to share my resolutions, ever. I'll share when I complete something, but never before. Of course I'll tell David, because he's my best friend and cheerleader and coach and confidante in one.

Also, my resolutions made me feel incredible selfish. We're really striving to create our family's story. There is something beautiful that God wants to say, something he wants to do with our lives. More than myself or David or our family combined. Something that influences and encourages and inspires. I'm not entirely sure what that is now, but ideas are falling like little snowflakes in my mind. Something is building.

There are goals I completed, and intend to continue pursuing. I'd like to floss my teeth every day and take Vitamin D. But basically, all our family goals are in pursuit of preparing our family for fostering/adoption. A year and a half ago, we took an amazing small group with some friends that completely changed Dave and I's perspective on Godly love and the Christian perspective towards the widowed, neglected, and orphaned. Amazing things have sprung from that group. It was a group about adoption. Our friend's adopted two children from Ethiopia. We didn't feel called to international adoption, but I think God placed a desire in our hearts to foster-adopt domestic kids. There are a couple of things we need to get done first: the major one being to get out of debt. We are very excited to see how this journey unfolds. We are going to hit 2011 up, gazelle-style.

Happy 2011!